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Wireless Airbuds

$29.95 $159.99

Wireless Airbuds
Wireless Airbuds Wireless Airbuds Wireless Airbuds Wireless Airbuds Wireless Airbuds



  • Airbuds are a near identical alternative to AirPods with comparable Frequency Response Ranges and a near exact build.
  • Wireless with Bluetooth
  • Embedded Microphone 
  • Supports Music, Voice Control, Call Functions, and More
  • Wireless Charging Case
  • $130 value for only $35
  • 10 Meter Transmission Distance

User Instructions: Charge your Airbuds by installing them safely in the charging case. Prior to use, connect them to your device by ensuring your bluetooth setting is in search mode. Link the Airbuds to your device by clicking the button on the back of your Airbuds and allowing the light to blink blue. Connection is implied once the button briefly shows  red light. 


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