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Aculoop Smart Ring

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Aculoop Smart Ring
Aculoop Smart Ring Aculoop Smart Ring

      • MULTI-FUNCTION: It can be used to communicate with the phone, listen to music, save all kinds of private information, unlock the phone, share information, and so on.
      • NO NEED BATTERY CHARGING: The various chips are equipped with a wireless receiving module to quickly read the electromagnetic wave energy emitted by the reading and writing device, thereby converting the power required by the chip, without charging, and at any time.
      • WATERPROOF, DUST-PROOF and FALL-PROOF: high waterproof level, dustproof and excellent resistance to fall and rolling resistance can be competent to the application requirements of any occasion
      • HEALTHY ELEMENT: many kinds of trace elements in crystal ceramic can improve the human metabolism and effectively promote blood circulation

      Specifications and Functions

      • -Call and Messaging Apps
      • -GPS and Tracker
      • -3 Hour Talk Time
      • -Battery Capacity: 225-300mAh
      • -4G Network


      AcuLoop is made of Liquid Tungsten: A liquid element that has the highest melting point of any element. Liquid Tungsten is so hot, if you dropped it into a lava flow, the lava would freeze the Tungsten.

      The inside of AcuLoop is inlaid with magnet, Germanium, and FIR Energy Stone. The red infrared light helps stimulate healing, which can treat acne scars, age spots, and broke capillaries. Traditionally, Infrared Therapy is used to treat wrinkles and other issues caused by poor skin support. With AcuLoop, this therapeutically unique method is at your fingertips.

       The carefully selected materials inside of Aculoop will effectively improve a human being’s stamina, and physical strength.


      The Smart Ring is compatible with Smartphones on the following platforms:

      • Android
      • Windows
      • Apple

       Dual-Core MCU NXP Chipset Features

      The side letters on the Smart Ring are equipped with Dual-Core MCU NXP Chipset, allowing it to copy various kinds of IC and ID smart card chip. Microcontrollers are designed for various closed-loop control applications such as industrial motor drives, digital power, sensing and signal processing.

       Carried Dual-Core MCU NXP Chipset Automation Features (compatible with NFC-Supported technology):

      • House and building doors
      • Elevator Cards
      • Parking Cards
      • Attendance Check-Ins
      • Shopping Carts
      • Various other inducing carts

      NFC Chip Features

      The side letters also contain a high speed intelligent NFC Chip. Evolved from Radio Frequency Identification Technology, an NFC chip operates as one part of a wireless link. NFC Chips are the primary technology powering credit cards. However, with NFC Chips installed in Smartphones, humans can control nearly all of their finances between their Smartphone and Smart Ring.

       Additional Private Note-Saving Accessibility Through NFC Chip:

      • Schedules
      • Reminders
      • Regular Bills
      • Memos
      • Various other notes

      In order to increase security measures on your Smartphone, set your phone to Ring Touch Action. Smart Ring users can setup Ring Touch Action on both their lock screen and other APP homepages ensuring only you can access the content on your smartphone is only accessible by your touch.

      Quickstart Features

      The Smart Ring has a quick start feature that can start a variety of multi-functional scene modes. The Smart Ring holds a feature allowing it to pass information from Smartphone to Smartphone with nothing more but a touch. Share a variety of information through your Smart Ring Including:

      • Internet Link
      • Messages
      • Photos

      Additional Features

      • Does not require charging
      • IP68 Class Waterproof Performance

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